Notice #304827

Please Update E-Complish's Production Web Servers (all URLs beginning with ->


E-Complish has completed its planned server update. During the update, E-Complish was required to correct the IP address previously provided for Production Web Servers (all URLs beginning with

The new IP is Please whitelist E-Complish's new IP address for its production web servers:

In most cases, merchants won't need to make any changes. We will point our current domain names to the new IPs on our side, and any customer, merchant API or connection that refers to us by our domain name ( will automatically work.  

However, if a merchant has any internal programming or white lists that refer to our servers by their IP addresses (and not by, they should update that programming.

If anyone has any questions, please feel free to contact E-Complish anytime. E-Complish offers four (4) different communication channels. 



Support Portal: Client Login

Phone: 888-847-7744

All four (4) communication channels will automatically create a ticket on your behalf. You will receive an email with the ticket ID upon creating the ticket. It's that easy!

  • Web Server Pool
  • Database Server Pool
  • Email Gateway
  • Payment Gateway
  • IVR Telephony Server
  • FTPS Server Pool
  • DEV Server Pool
  • Secondary Data Center
    • Web Server Pool #2
    • Database Server Pool #2
    • Email Gateway #2
    • FTPS Server Pool #2
  • Web Server

    This is the main web server hosting

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